A guide to scrutineering

A guide for scrutineering:
All riders are responsible to insure a bike is fit for purpose and safe to race. Appointed  Scrutineers, will check that the motorcycle complies with the regulations, at  the time of scrutineering. Thereafter are at any time, Scrutineers are not  responsible for the safety of the machine during the event. The  responsibility remains solely with the rider at all times to insure the bike  is fit for purpose and safe to ride during any event’

The Chief Technical Officer or Clerk of the Course can find a solution to help

All machines must display the rider’s race  numbers as issued to 
them by the MRA. Number must be displayed on a front number plate and both
right and left side plates. 

Kill  Switch:
Fitted, condition, operational 

Check operation on both steering locks, has a smooth action and a spring

Check handlebars, grips, levers for security and those levers have ball ends.
Check steering head bearings using front brake (Slight play allowed) always
check that handle bar ends are covered.

Both front and rear brakes must be functional and all parts secured and       
locking pins in place, always check clearances and advise

No obvious oil leaks, broken springs or suspension parts and mountings that
could be dangerous and must have a dampening effect front and rear.

Wheels and Tyres:
Tyres at Technical Officers discretion, wheel locking bolts must be tight and 
all locking devices in place.
 Wheel Bearings Front and Rear must be checked (slight play 
allowed) All spokes must be Intact. 

Chain and Sprocket:
Should be in fair condition adjusted properly, all guards in place and all
locking devices in place.

Fuel System:
No Fuel leaks should be present, and that fuelling should have been completed 
before scrutineering.

Fasting points will be checked.
Seat Security and all Covering panels will also be inspected.


Panelling: – Frame and Structure, all Mounting and Securing 

Helmet: All Helmets require Visual Inspection for Damage and have Gold or        
Silver ACU sticker or EU number or equivalent (Will be checked at Scrutineering)
Boots: Knee Length Boots should be Worn
Gloves: Should be ACU Approved (We will allow other gloves to be worn so long as finger movement is not restricted)
Body Armour:All Riders must wear body Armour , Knee Pads and Goggles

Sound Levels – MRA Test Procedure:
MRA use the following noise control system with the Microphone placed 50cm from exhaust pipe at an angle of 45 degrees measured from the centre line of the exhaust pipe, but at least 20 cm above the ground. Note that there are now new noise reduction levels to be achieved by machines. 

For Technical Officers.
If while scrutineering, you find a machine faulty, please log it to the bike number, with comments.
Request that the Rider or if a youth rider, the Parent is summoned to be informed of the action require

All of the above can be subject to Change